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EcoPanel is a stormwater trench drain cover constructed from permeable UV stable resin-bonded aggregate in a galvanised steel frame. The unique combination of a durable load bearing surface enclosed in an engineered frame allows for water infiltration.

A removable access unit is available to facilitate easy maintenance. EcoPanel permeable paver covers are installed into ACO’s KlassikDrain K200 (200mm width) Polycrete® Channels.

EcoPanel is a unique and decorative drainage solution that can be used as a design element to create distinctive urban landscapes. Suitable applications include parks, playgrounds and pedestrian malls.

wide grate choices
polymer concrete
polymer concrete
anti-shunt lugs
EcoPanel lifting key hole Removable access panel with lifting key hold
- Lifting Key Part No: 84306
galvanised steel edge rail
Galvanised steel edge rail
KlassikDrain K200 Polycrete® Channel
Galvanised steel frame
Standard cover with no lifting keyhole
Meets Load Class C, AS 3996
End caps
End caps and accessories
are available from the
KlassikDrain K100 range.
are included on every 5th channel unit to allow vertical evacuation of the system along the run.
interconnecting end profiles
Interconnecting end profiles
allow easy and effective joining of channels.allow easy and effective joining of channels.

   EcoPanel Parts List

EcoPanel Colour
Part Numbers
black granite Black Granite Standard Unit 142742
Access Panel 142743
blue marble Blue Marble Standard Unit 142744
Access Panel 142745
silver marble Silver Marble Standard Unit 142746
Access Panel 142747
starlight granite Starlight Granite Standard Unit 142748
Access Panel 142749
sand marble Sand Marble Standard Unit 142750
Access Panel 142751
gold marble Gold Marble Standard Unit 142752
Access Panel 142753
grey marble Grey Marble Standard Unit 142754
Access Panel 142755
red granite Red Granite Standard Unit 142756
Access Panel 142757

1. EcoPanel is used with KlassikDrain K200 Polycrete® Channels only.
2. Approx. weight of EcoPanel is 23kg
3. Lifting key for access panel, Part No. 84306

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